An Honest Less-lethal Weapon
Installation, Single channel video

An Honest Less-lethal Weapon addresses the friction entangled in the notion of “non-lethality”. The concept of non-lethal seems to evoke an ideal of safety, progress and morality, that actually does not capture the reality of the material objects it is labelling. A by-products of humanism, batons, tear gas, rubber bullets or the newest and less known vehicle-mounted active denial devices, are increasingly being deployed in situations of protest as part of law enforcement equipment to control crowds. Using humour as tool to question the support that humanitarian discourses give to the ideal of non-lethality, I took the baton as a case study to highlight the paradox of classifying a baton as non-lethal. The addition of an element of disruption such as balloons, microphone or an umbrella, reconfigures the baton as a real non violent less-lethal weapon.

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